Over the past few year Lil’ Joey has dipped his toes into the producing arena.

Below is a list of of all the tracks he has worked on, and links to where you can purchase them.



StoneBridge – You Don’t Know (Splashfunk Remix – Lil’ Joey Edit)

Purchase here —> Beatport


Live Again

Reza – Live Again (Steve Haines & Lil’ Joey Mix)

Purchase here —> Beatport


Let Yourself Go

Reza – Let Yourself Go (Steve Haines & Lil’ Joey Mix)

Purchase here —> Beatport



Third Member – Tidal Flow (Steve Haines & Lil’ Joey Mix) and (Lil’ Joeys Original Dub)

Purchase Steve Haines & Lil’ Joey Mix here —> Beatport

Purchase Lil’ Joeys Original Dub here —> Beatport


Reza- Pumpin’ It Up (Lil’ Joey Red Brick Remix)

Purchase here —> Beatport



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