So why the name Lil’ Joey?

So why the name Lil’ Joey?


At many parties I get asked the question “why do you call yourself Lil’ Joey?” As most of you are aware, I am not the smallest of people. Being 6ft 1” and with what I will call a cuddly body frame, the name Lil’ could seem a little ironic.

Well there are two reasons behind the DJ name I gave myself. Firstly I will start with the “cool” reason. Why I first got into House music, I collected all the Masters at Work records that my local record store had to offer. Lil’ Louie Vega became a big hero of mine, and the first ever mix cd I bought was of him DJing at the underground network. So the cool reason is that I wanted to be like my musical hero Louie Vega. Like I said this is the cool musical reason, but below is the real reason.

When I was born I was given the name Joseph, which is the same name as my father and also my grand father. Having the same name as your father can cause a small element of confusion in the home, so around the house my family called me Joey. Outside of the home, most people knew my father and me as Joe, but to distinguish us both my Dad was always Big Joe and I was always Little Joe.

So that is where the Joey and Little came from. So to me when it cam to picking a DJ name I though Lil’ Joey worked quite well and it was something I had been called for years before is started playing records.

So when I become famous and you enter a pub quiz and they ask about the origins of my name, you now have the full answer and will probably get bonus point if you give both solutions.


Big Love


Lil’ Joey

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